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EasiChoice Product Features

EasiChoice bezel
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Offer your customers an easy choice for making a purchase and increase your sales.  The vending industry has seen significant growth in cashless transactions in recent years. Credit and debit cards are rapidly  becoming important consumer payment options.

With the EasiChoice bezel from MEI your vending machines can accept any payment type the consumer has in their wallet: bills, coupons, magnetic stripe cards, NFC/contactless payments, and contactless EMV cards. When your machines take multiple forms of payment, which include a wide variety of cashless options, your customers are more likely to make a purchase. Let the EasiChoice validator increase your sales and help you maximize the revenue at your machines.

Consumer convenience:
• Modern payment unit with easy-to-follow visual and audible instructions for convenient, fast and secure transactions
• More choice for making a purchase: bills, coupons, credit and debit cards or NFC/contactless (wave-and-go)
• Unwanted transactions can be cancelled with one touch of a button
• High contrast, easy-to-read display
• Bright LED runway lights merchandise the machine and indicate where to pay

Operator friendly:
• One product for multiple payment types
• Increases sales and leads to higher site retention
• Compatible with other payment systems in your field base

Simple installation:
• Fits into the standard bill validator slot – no additional openings required on the machine
• Can be easily retrofitted onto the existing CASHFLOW bill validators in your field base

• Features CASHFLOW – the industry’s bestselling bill validator – ensuring reliability and a high bill acceptance rate.
• EMV compliant, L1 & L2
• PCI DSS certified when paired with an Advance 5000 telemeter

EasiChoice accepts:
• Mastercard®, Mastercard PayPass, Visa®, Visa PayWave, American Express®, American Express Pay Discover® and Discover Zip, Interac Flash and is ISIS and Google Wallet ready