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MEI CASHFLOW CF7512i Coin Manager

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With the introduction of MEI CASHFLOW series 7000, MEI has created an entirely new product category — the Coin Manager. The coin manager is not just focused on accepting and paying out coins. It combines traditional coin acceptance and changer functions with tracking and diagnostic abilities. These new design and management features give you the tools and business information you need to better manage your cash and increase your profits.

Features and Benefits

  • Instant paring—dispenses surplus coins and identifies replenishment needed
  • Simplicity—virtually no training necessary
  • Easy to use, intuitive display
  • Yields sophisticated business intelligence
  • Eliminates exact change
  • Provides change for high value bills when working in conjunction with a bill acceptor.
  • Highest change capacity
  • Water and jam resistant
  • More reliable = less downtime and service costs
  • Accounts for all money, even cash in the tubes so you know what’s in the machine
  • Drivers can clear debris on-site without tools
  • True price flexibility - giving your site what they demand

CF7512 Technical Specifications

  • Application
    • Venders with electronic controllers that utilize the MDB interface.
  • Power Requirements
    • 24 vdc unfilt., 3.0 Amp
  • Mechanical Specifications
    • Size (HxWxD): 377mm* x 138mm x 80mm 14.84"*x 5.43"x 3.15"
    • Weight: 1.8Kg (4 Ibs.) in shipping container
    • base to top of Coin Return Lever
  • Temperature Range
    • Working Ambient Temperature: -15C to +70C
    • Storage Temperature: - 40C to +75C
  • Vending Price Range
    • Function of vender control system.
  • Coin Acceptance
    • U.S. nickel, dime, quarter, dollar coin.
    • Individual coin accept/reject is customer programmable.
    • Tokens are customer programmable.
  • Coin Payout
    • Flexible - via standard cassettes or customer configurable custom cassettes
  • Coin Tube Capacity
    • 5 tubes, all replenishable
    • 77 Nickles, 115 Dimes, 84 Quarters, 69 $1Coins
  • Coin Dispense
    • One coin dispense from appropriate button. For continuous dispense,
      hold button down until payout latches.

LED Action System Status
Green On Normal operation
Off No power/vendor error
Amber 1 Flash Reject lever pressed or coin jam in flight deck
Amber 2 Flashes Accept gate error
Amber 3 Flashes Cassette removed
Amber 4 Flashes Disenser error
Amber solid Disabled by vendor