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PPM Advance

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MEI PPM Advance (portable programming module) gives you complete control ofyour games, regardless if you are an equipment manufacturer or a major operator.It provides enhanced features that you can configure and control to meet yourunique support needs. The next generation, which features a display screen andBluetooth connectivity, will make the PPM Advance a more powerful tool—furtherlowering cost of ownership associated with MEI products.

Benefits for you as an original equipment manufacturer:

  • Minimize inventory by profiling standard units
  • Fast downloads for an "in-line" manufacturing process

Benefits for you as an operator:

  • Fast and easy updates in your MEI field base for currency data, configuration data and software
  • Monitor performance of your MEI units*
  • Diagnostics for modular repair with minimum spares
  • Advance functionality with Bluetooth capability

Technical Features

PN: 252009173P1 - Standard

PN: 252007174P1 – w/Bluetooth
  • Supports CASHFLOW SC and SC Advance
  • Operates with STS v7.05 or greater
  • Enhanced memory
  • Display screen and menu navigation
  • Note acceptor configuration, file handling,audit reporting and diagnostics
  • Downloads EASITRAX Soft Count reportsand programs asset numbers
  • Labels firmware with OEM specific identification
  • Stores multiple variant firmwares
  • Magnetics which secure unit toMEI noteacceptor
  • Product identification with individualserial numbers
  • Operateson threestandardAA batteries

Bluetooth Capabilities

The Bluetooth functionality provides enhanced communication features to the user through an Androidphone and tablet app.PPM Advance becomeseasier for users toperform operations,while cutting down onthe overall time spentat each station.

*On select MEI products