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Regency Casino Thessaloniki´s Testimony to MEI CASHFLOW SC ‘s Performance Three Years On


Casino management at Regency Casino Thessaloniki in Greece was one of the first to embrace the opportunity to test the MEI CASHFLOW SC 83 note validator in a value-added trial (VAT) over three years ago. The results proved how much MEI has raised the bar in quality and performance and led to Regency Casino Thessaloniki specifying MEI in 100% of new slot purchases.

Mr. Dimitris Kristallis, slot director at Regency Casino Thessaloniki, has many years of experience in the casino industry and knows the critical, enduring role the note validator plays to slot machine success. " Customer satisfaction and service quality are very important elements in order to maintain profitability. Due to MEI’s high acceptance rates as well as superior technical performance, its note validators guarantee customers will enjoy an uninterrupted experience.   I believe that a customer centric approach in our industry should include solutions that help us to deliver value to our clients and, as a consequence, value to the organization. The MEI reader is one of these solutions that every casino should look for, if they share the same view ”.

Mr. Kristallis’ experience underlines the value of choosing the right note validator. MEI CASHFLOW SC is built to bring measurable advantages that stand the test of time. Mr. Kristallis explains, “The CASHFLOW SC is so simple to work with. Information and statistics are easy to retrieve with the PPM and the firmware is very easy to update. This means that having the CASHFLOW SC on our floor is an investment. My staff enjoys working with this practically maintenance free product because it frees up time to invest in the players. With so many components to maintain in our casino, having the CASHFLOW SC is a real help to us. They just keep on working”.

The constant uptime of CASHFLOW SC ensures the slots machines are available for play. Machine downtime is a major issue with casino management and we are constantly focused on reducing this. “Fitting the MEI CASHFLOW SC has a measurable positive effect on machine uptime because our machines are up all day every day since we introduced MEI on our casino floor, \” explains Mr. Kristallis.

Mr. Tom Nugent, President of Gaming at MEI, states, “ Regency Casino Thessaloniki is a beautiful property and we appreciate the time it invested in a VAT. The casino’s experience with CASHFLOW SC underlines the value of fitting this product on the casino floor. We look forward to working with Mr. Kristallis and his team for many years to come.

About MEI:   MEI systems are relied upon for more than two billion transactions per week in over 100 countries.   The company developed the first electronic coin mechanism in the 1960s followed by the first electronic non-contact note validator, and more recently the EASITRAX Soft Count system.   Recently, MEI reached a milestone of selling more than five million note validators and six million coin mechanisms worldwide.   Its products are in widespread use in the gaming, vending, soft drink, amusement, transportation, retail and kiosk markets.   For more information on MEI and its products, visit