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Casino Admiral Colosseum upgrades complete slot floor after successful VAT Trial

Reading, England– December 1, 2008

MEI® is pleased to announce the first successful casino trial in the Czech Republic. The Casino Admiral Colosseum now specifies the MEI CASHFLOW® SC83 banknote reader for future slots purchases. The trial results were so strong that the casino management upgraded all the 188 slots to MEI.

Casino Admiral Colosseum belongs to the Novomatic Group of Companies. The trial with the MEI CASHFLOW SC83 banknote readers gave the casino management the opportunity to trial a new product. Within three months casino management could see a great improvement, especially concerning the banknote acceptance rate and customer satisfaction. The ability to simply download the note reader statistics confirmed the results and performance of the MEI CASHFLOW SC83 banknote reader.

Marcus Engl, Casino Manager, noted, “We saw a big technological step in banknote technology with the MEI Cashflow. The acceptance rate is perfect and the maintenance requirements are practically zero. Our customers noticed very quickly the new note readers we had on trial. We were not expecting such an improvement. Taking the findings into consideration, we made the clear decision to upgrade the whole slot floor with MEI”.

Novomatic will be opening a new casino – the Casino Admiral Hate – in December of this year. The casino is situated very near to the Casino Admiral Colosseum. It will be equipped with 120 slots – all fitted with MEI CASHFLOW SC83 banknote readers.

Mikjail Abasow, Sales Manager and Global Account Manager for the Novomatic Group of Companies explained, “Our intention of the trial was to allow operators within the group to get to know our product. The results of the trial underline the product quality we are offering and thus speak for themselves. Once again the performance of the CASHFLOW SC83 has been proven in a casino trial. Increased uptime allows continual play, bringing about increased player satisfaction and ultimately increased profits to the operator. Our goal at MEI is a true win-win for our customers, operators and players alike”.

About Casino Admiral Colosseum:
Casino Admiral Colosseum belongs to the Novomatic Group of Companies. The casino is situated in the Czech Republic, very close to the Austrian border. This stylish casino has been designed around the theme of Ancient Rome. There are 188 Admiral slots in the casino

About MEI :
Today, MEI systems are relied upon for more than 2 billion transactions per week in over 100 countries. The company developed the first electronic coin mechanism in the 1960s followed by the first electronic non-contact bill acceptor, and more recently the vending management system. Today MEI has the largest worldwide installed base of unattended payment mechanisms. In 2007, MEI reached a milestone of selling more than four million bill acceptors and five million coin mechanisms worldwide. Its products are in widespread use in the vending, soft drink, gaming, amusement, transportation, retail, and kiosk markets. For more information on MEI and its products, visit or call 1-800-345-8215 in US (please refer to our website for various international telephone numbers).