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EAS becomes MEI Distributor for New Coin Changer

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EARLEY, Reading UK; October 28, 2013: MEI is pleased to announce that following the successful period of field and customer trailing of its new 12v EC6970 Coin Changer, EAS GmbH & Co. KG have agreed to become the partner for the distribution of this product to the German Tobacco Vending Market.

Over the last few months, we have worked with Garz & Fricke to further develop and tailor the EC6970 proposition. Their input has been highly valuable to us, thanks to their extensive knowledge of the German Tobacco Industry and their technical capability.

The agreement with EAS is to allow them to distribute the EC6970 to the Tobacco Market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  

We are convinced that together our combined businesses can offer the industry higher value solutions and services. This will be achieved by

- Market competitive pricing.

- Speed and flexibility of supply. As they are based in Germany and working on a daily basis with the Industry.

- Highest product performance. Thanks to their position and capacity to anticipate customer needs, market evolutions, and to help us implement those solutions.

- Upgrade kits and technical solutions to fit the fieldbase.

- Close and quality relationships. As already proven and appreciated by the Industry.

We are very pleased with this partnership and will of course continue to support the Industry with the ongoing presence of Günter Maas.