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Bulletin: AE2800 and the Oct 8th Release of the New $100 US Bill

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July 3, 2013

United States AE Customers:

MEI engages with the World's major issuing banks to provide our customers with the necessary updates prior to any new or existing banknote being released to the public.  Each design change is studied carefully by MEI to ensure the right balance between acceptance and security is achieved.  In some cases, a variant update is not required if the current algorithms are already able to accommodate the design change automatically.  In every case, the optimal solution is evaluated and provided to our customers. 

In the case of the new US $100 note, which will be released on Oct. 8th 2013, no variant software update is required.  Therefore, all CASHFLOW AE2800 units produced after week 38 of 2012 (S/N: 3829XXXXXXXX) or September 17th, 2012 will not require updates.  If a unit was built prior to this date and is operating in the field, please contact your local service center for information on updating the software.

Operators may also contact the MEI Help Desk at 1-800-345-8172, Option 3.