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Finland’s Gran Casino Helsinki Continues to Cash In

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Casino management ties profitability to MEI CASHFLOW SC

March 16, 2010

In the Casino Industry, good purchasing decisions will have an immediate and positive impact on operations. Great purchasing decisions stand the test of time and provide years of positive returns. Gran Casino Helsinki made a great decision over two and half years ago.

CASHFLOW SC is the product that has exceeded Gran Casino Helsinki’s expectations. Over two and a half years ago the property performed a Value-added Trial (VAT), and since then has continued to be more profitable and specify CASHFLOW SC on 100% of its machine purchases.

In October 2007 Gran Casino Helsinki completed its trial of CASHFLOW SC and started ordering product. In just two and a half years the floor share for MEI has risen from 0% to 90%. “This percentage will continue to rise when the older slots are replaced,” explains Mr. Kuusela. “The excellent performance of the CASHFLOW SC83 banknote readers from MEI is just as strong as day one. The first-time acceptance rate during the VAT underlined that this product stands out from other banknote readers. Furthermore, the product design shows how much thought and market understanding is involved in the engineering of MEI CASHFLOW SC. It simplifies the point of entrance to the slots for our customers and they have become accustomed to first time acceptance regardless of the note quality or the direction they insert it.”

The increased acceptance rates that Gran Casino Helsinki is experiencing, combined with MEI’s increased security, best jam performance and lowest cost of ownership, makes casinos more profitable.
“The MEI CASHFLOW SC83 is one of the major contributing factors of our increased revenue. Players feel more comfortable playing on slots where MEI is fitted, knowing that their notes are accepted first time practically every time,” explains Mr. Kuusela.

The casino service staff is equally enthused about the MEI CASHFLOW SC83. “The MEI banknote reader works practically non-stop, so our service technicians no longer have to spend their time repairing banknotes. This has freed up valuable technician time that can be invested elsewhere,” said Mr. Kuusela. “The excellent performance of MEI allows us to keep our spare parts requirements to a minimum because we only need to stock spare parts for one banknote reader manufacturer, simplifying our logistics and saving cost.”

Mark Greenawalt, Vice President in the EMEA region for MEI’s Gaming Division, is proud to have received such positive feedback from Gran Casino Helsinki. “CASHFLOW SC has been well received all around the world. Properties like the Gran Casino Helsinki that understand the importance of a banknote reader, and invest the time to compare available products, see firsthand the difference in profitability. Casino management can be assured that the CASHFLOW SC is engineered to meet their needs.”

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