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WEST CHESTER, PA., August 15, 2007

Based on several inquiries relating to the article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal on August 14, 2007, MEI would like to state that the fraudulent $100 bills recently accepted by slot machines at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas were not accepted by MEI Cashflow.

Furthermore, the article stated that according to an anonymous source, "Bill validators on slot machines are not set to catch fake bills; if they were, genuine money that might be tattered would be rejected. Customer service would suffer if bills were routinely rejected." However, with MEI Cashflow this is not true. To date, a properly configured MEI Cashflow bill validator has never accepted a counterfeit note in a US casino, without affecting the acceptance of street-grade bills. This provides casinos with the highest security and acceptance rates in the industry.

If you have any questions or concerns on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Eric Fisher at 702-873-4866 or . If you would like to reference the article please use the following link