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MEI Continues to Drive Innovation in Cash Handling

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MEI is currently working with Operators in both the UK and Europe to exploit the power of the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7000, to tackle the problem of cash shrinkage from the machine. This superior cash management system records the value of cash routed to the cashbox, which can then be reconciled at the depot. However through the use of its revolutionary sonar technology, which continually and accurately monitors the value of cash in the tubes, Operators can for the first time know the actual amount of cash in the machine. Other changegivers are only capable of advising how much cash should be in the tubes.

For example, if any cash-collector visits a machine and notices that the change tubes are empty, he may decide to re-float the change tube with coins from the cashbox. This however could result in cashbag takings appearing short , and relies on the route person making a manual record of the action he has taken.

It is only the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7000 that is capable of spotting coins that have actually been added to the cassette; an action it automatically picks up and reports in the audit information- allowing for total and accurate machine cash reconciliation. Not only this, it will record cash that is actually missing from the cashbag or from the change tubes.

In Europe operators have taken this one step further with the adoption of the CASHFLOW™ 7900i which downloads audit information via Infrared. The advantage of this contactless technology, is that it removes any wear-and-tear caused by repeated physical connections to hand held devices, and in many instances speeds up the transfer of data. Using infrared to scan machine and cash bag ID’s, also eliminates the risk of error from manually entering data -making for a more complete and robust auditing solution.

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