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MEI’s professional accreditation program guarantees less downtime and lower cost of ownership for MEI customers

WEST CHESTER, PA. January 16, 2006 – The MEI University™ Quality Repair Service Training Program for vending has marked its first anniversary as the vending industry’s first and only program for payment system repair technicians.

Founded in September 2004, the MEI University Quality Repair Service Training Program is a professional accreditation that assures MEI equipment owners that they are receiving professional service from an MEI-authorized repair center. Only MEI-authorized centers are qualified to provide high quality, fast, reliable, and cost-effective repairs on MEI equipment. To date, MEI University has certified more than 110 technicians from 27 approved service centers, and the number is growing.

In its first year alone, the MEI University program has resulted in a low 3% bounce rate of repaired equipment coming back in less than 90 days – a vast difference from the industry. In addition, service centers with technicians who successfully complete the MEI University Quality Repair Service Training Program average turnaround rates of less than five business days. This translates to less downtime and an overall lower cost of ownership for MEI customers.

“MEI Authorized Service Centers have always performed quality repairs, but training, consistent processes, and efficiency varied from center to center,” said Greg Elder, technical support manager for MEI. “MEI University training provides the industry’s best practices and helps the service centers elevate efficiency, turnaround time, and bounce rates to a new standard.”

The difference, he added, is especially apparent compared to the work done by bootleg repair centers, which often lead to costly bounce-backs and crippling downtime. “MEI University is our investment in long product life and ongoing service excellence, and is a manifestation of our commitment to providing the industry’s highest value to our customers.”

The MEI University Quality Repair Service Training Program includes training, certification, and periodic on-site re-qualification. Technicians who earn MEI University accreditation are certified to diagnose, repair, and test its payment systems to ensure that repairs are done properly and efficiently. Courses are held at MEI’s West Chester facility, where students get hands-on training on the latest technologies and component-level repair.

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