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New Italian Research Boosts MEI

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Research results announced by the Italian vending association Confida at this year’s VendItalia exhibition have shown that leading payment systems manufacturer MEI is in an ideal position to serve the needs of its customers in this rapidly changing market. The announcement reinforced MEI’s belief that providing customer choice is integral to an operator’s success. This researchwas excellent news for the company which enjoyed a very successful show. During the exhibition it was able to meet customers and distributors from markets in Europe and across the globe, as well as from Italy.
The research, which was conducted for Confida by leading research company CDA (AC Neilsen’s preferred partner in Italy), showed that consumer attitudes in Italy changed considerably since the introduction of the Euro. Prior to 2000 vending was heavily dependent on cashless payment systems due to the large denominations needed to buy comparatively small items. Since then more and more vending operators have been realising the benefits of changegivers, and MEI has been working with them to deliver the solutions they need.
According to the research more than 45 per cent of those interviewed use vending machines on a weekly basis, and appreciate the availability of machines and the range of products available. This trend was even more marked among younger consumers.More importantly more than 60 per cent of those interviewed want vending machines to give change.
MEI’s Regional Sales Manager Gigliola Corsi said: “This important research is going to stimulate more Italian vending operators than ever to adopt changegivers for their machines. The MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 has already proved to be hugely successful, not just because of its changegiving functions, but also because of the other state of the art technology which provides increased profitability for operators.
“ VendItalia has become an increasingly important show for MEI, enabling us not only to interact with the Italian market, but also Europe as a whole. This year’s show in Milan was the most successful yet with attendance up by 15 per cent, and this has helped to establish this exhibition as among the most important in Europe. We were delighted to welcome vending operators, manufacturers and distributors from all over Italy, but also from France, Germany, Spain, Eastern Europe and as far away as Australia and China.
“ We are delighted with our customers’ response, and believe that this will provide a base for continued growth during 2006.”
During VendItalia MEI ran a number of successful customer workshops, as well as experiencing keen interest in the recently-launched IRDA (Infra-Red Data Audit) functions on the MEI CASHFLOW 7900i.
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