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The CashFlow 7900 Money Back Guarantee

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Reading, 19 May 2009 - MEI demonstrates at AVEX, how operators get their money back by using coin manager CashFlow® 7900.

There are at least two ways to get your money back with CashFlow® 7900. One is through patented Autofloat Technology which will release up to £30 per machine and another is through Sonar technology cash management which will save you £1,000's by protecting you from shrinkage. As the economy tightens you need to know where every penny in your business is and more importantly that it is well protected. You can probably keep close control on the money collected from your machines but have you considered how vulnerable the cash in the tubes in your change givers could be?

MEI developed the CashFlow® 7900 to address these fears. The patented Sonar technology can accurately monitor the amount of coins in each tube in real time. Every time the vending machine is opened or the cassette is removed the coin-manager records changes as they happen and the actual tube content is presented on the display. Only by constantly monitoring the exact amount of coins in each tube will you be able to see if coins are going missing. There are often perfectly innocent reasons for coins being removed or added to the change tubes but isn’t it nice to be confident that the CashFlow® 7900 can also spot those that require further investigation. Patented Sonar technology can help you recover thousands of pounds lost in shrinkage. The CashFlow® 7900 records any discrepancy or shrinkage in EVA/DTS format which is communicated during normal audit collection and insures audit accuracy.

Another valuable feature of CashFlow® 7900 is patented Autofloat technology which is only possible with powerful Sonar technology. Autofloat technology constantly monitors every coin that your customers insert in a particular vending machine on a particular site. As it name suggests, its automatic and dynamic and will continually reset float levels if the customers habits change or prices are reset. Excess coins will be routed to the cashbox. The result is a balance of keeping sufficient change in the machine to keep the ‘exact change light’ off and not tying up too much money unnecessarily in the machine. Typically across Europe, enabling this feature has released up to £30 per machine that was needlessly being stored in the change tubes.

MEI´s CashFlow® 7900 has proven ability to make a substantial contribution to operator profitability. Today there are 800,000 CashFlow® 7900 reliably working worldwide.

To find out how MEI can help you to protect your cash, visit our stand at AVEX, Birmingham 10-11 June 2009, stand B32, for a personal demonstration.

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