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MEI CASHFLOW® 7000 Coin Manager

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The MEI CASHFLOW® series 7000 combines traditional coin acceptance and changer functions with tracking and diagnostic abilities. These advanced design and management features enable you to better manage your cash and increase your profits. 

MEI CF7000 Product Features

Features and Benefits

  • Instant parring-dispenses surplus coins and identifies replenishment needed. Saves driver time.
  • High capacity, five tube cassette
  • Simplicity-virtually no training necessary
  • Easy to use, intuitive display
  • Yields sophisticated business intelligence
  • Eliminates exact change with change override, value float, automatic optimal par determination.
  • Provides change for high value bills when working in conjunction with a bill acceptor.
  • Highest change capacity
  • Water and jam resistant
  • More reliable = less downtime and service costs
  • Accounts for all money, even cash in the tubes so you know what’s in the machine
  • Drivers can clear debris on-site without tools
  • True price flexibility - giving your site what they demand