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MEI Cash & Credit Solution

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Brief Description

Enable consumers to pay any way at your machines... accept cash, MEI coupons, credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallet applications and contactless payments!  To craft your MEI Cashless Solution: Select one of the CASHFLOW® cashless validators and pair with the latest MEI telemeter, the EASITRAX® Advance 5000. 

MEI Cash and Credit Solution Product Features


The MEI Cashless Solution Suite is the industry's most flexible cashless solution.  Operators can chose one of the MEI CASHFLOW cashless bezels that best meets their point of sale needs.  Enable multiple forms of payment at the machine, through the same opening with either the CASHFLOW 4-in-1, CASHFLOW 3-in-1 or CASHFLOW Combo bezel. Pair it with the Advance 5000 telemeter to have greater choice with how to configure and process cashless transactions. 

  • Increases consumer choice and satisfaction
    • Accepts credit cards, debit cards, NFC/Contactless payment, mobile wallet applications, cash and MEI coupons
    • Easy to cancel a transaction with the touch of one button
    • Attractive bezels promote machine traffic and easy payment options
  • Operates virtually anywhere
    • Installs in existing validator mountings
    • Operates over full vending temperature range in bright light to dark locations
    • Resists debris, including dust, dirt and the insertion of coins
    • Armored bezel features tough, chrome-steel design
  • Flexible communications network
    • WAN option with a wired option in the future
    • Choose the back end processor of your choice through our flexible gateway provider, Apriva
    • Talk over the network of your choice- Verizon's CDMA or AT&T 2G, 3G
    • Secure network communications-PCI-DSS certified
  • Installs easily with minimal training
    • Self diagnostics and troubleshooting made easy through the Advance 5000's LED lights and 3 buttons interface
    • MEI bezels install onto existing validators, no need to cut any additional holes for cashless acceptance
  • Additional options
    • Combine MEI EASITRAX® Advance 5000 with the MEI EASITRAX® vending management software solution to enable full-line telemetry.
MEI CASHFLOW 4-in-1 - contactless payment ready

MEI CASHFLOW 4-in-1 - contactless payment ready

MEI CASHFLOW 3-in-1 - recycling ready

EASITRAX Advance 5000 telemeter