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MEI CASHFLOW® HVB High Visibility Bezel

Attract more attention. Encourage more sales.

MEI High Visibility Bezel
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The MEI CASHFLOW® HVB High Visibility Bezel will brighten up your profitability. Its vivid, bright, low-powered LED illumination catches the customer’s attention and clearly indicates which denominations the vending machine accepts.

➤ Colorful custom branding: The HVB can strobe through a wide range of colors — combinations of its Red, Blue and Green LEDs—or display your choice of solid color as a customized lighting signature.

➤ Bill value confirmation: When a bill is inserted, the appropriate denomination lights up on the HVB, confirming the transaction value for the customer.  Accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills.

➤ Illuminated bill entry: The HVB also highlights where bills are fed, making the transaction even easier and increasing customer satisfaction.

➤ An easy fit: The modular design of the HVB — available in VFM or compact versions—makes it simple to add to any MEI CASHFLOW® VNR Vending Recycler or CASHFLOW® VN2700 -equipped vending machine.